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Our Students The PRRC supports New Mexico Tech's educational mission through teaching and collaboration with other NMIMT divisions. In our graduate program, we seek out top quality students in a variety of disciplines to study and work under the guidance of world-renowned scientists in a research setting. The PRRC also supports NMIMT's educational goals through our inclusion of undergraduate students and high school interns in our research program. The majority of PRRC's graduate students go on to high-level energy research positions in industry or in teaching positions at research universities. Many of our graduates take positions in New Mexico's hydrocarbon industry. They maintain close ties with us—PRRC graduates support the Institute as alumni and frequently send their children to NMIMT as a result of their positive educational experience.

Graduate Research Program

Our research assistantship program offers excellent opportunities for students to develop and publish research under the guidance of our scientists. In addition to graduate students in Petroleum Engineering, the PRRC supports graduate students from a variety of disciplines including Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Geochemistry/Geology, Geophysics, Hydrology, and Mechanical Engineering.

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Jianjia Yu's student's

Zongjie He (Graduate)

Gabriela Torres Fernandez (Graduate)

Carlos Carrillo (Undergraduate)

Dung Bui's student's

Anthony Hama (Ph.D. student)

Nathaniel Nimo Yeboah (Master student)

Sai Wang's student's

Elizabeth Appiah (Graduate Research Assistant)

Mercy Akomprah (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Robert Czarnota's student's

Godsway Akpabli (Undergraduate)

Kwamena Opoku Duartey (Graduate)

Justice Sarkodie Kyeremeh (Graduate)

Anthony Morgan in PRRC (Postdoc)

Jean-Lucien's student's

Hadrian Keith (Undergraduate)

Gabriel Frimpong (Undergraduate)

Our Students

Photos of our researchers, students, graduate students, and staff. We value everyone of our students and all of our staff. 

Thanks for being a part of the New Mexico Tech Family!

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Graduate Admission

Questions regarding Graduate Admission requirements, stipends, or policies should be directed to New Mexico Tech's Center for Graduate Studies.

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