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Carbon Dioxide Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery. 1997.

Characterization and Fluid Flow. 1995.

CO2 Flooding. 1996.

CO2 Flooding (Midwest PTTC Workshop). 1996.

CO2 Injection Fundamentals for Independents. 1998.

CO2 Oil Recovery Forum. 1996.

DOE-Industry Sponsored Traveling Technology Workshops. 1996.

Drilling and Production Units and Well Spacing. 1997.

Enhancing Oil and Reducing Water Cut. 1997.

Focused Technology Workshop. 1997.

Focused Technology Workshop Manual. 1997.

Focused Technology Workshop Report. 1996.

Fractured Reservoirs Characterization and Production. 1999.

Frontier and Underexplored Basins of New Mexico. 1998.

Horizontal Drilling. 1999.

Horizontal Drilling in Deep Austin Chalk. 1997.

Naturally Fractured Reservoir Forum. 1995.

Personal Computer Applications for Oil Operators. 1997.

Practical Power Cost Reduction. 1996.

Problem Identification Workshops. 1996.

Reservoir Characterization Techniques and Applications. 1997.

Software Demo Training. 1997.

The 2nd CO2 Oil Recovery Forum. 1997.

The 3rd Naturally Fractured Reservoir Symposium. 1997.

The 4th Naturally Fractured Reservoir Symposium. 1998.

Water Disposal. 1997.

Waterflooding. 1997.

Corrosion Management. 2002.

Horizontal Drilling. 2005.

Hydraulic Fracturing. 2005.

Hydraulic Fracturing Technology. 2006.

Introduction to Mining the Internet. 2005.

Low Permeability and Underdeveloped Natural Gas Reservoirs. 2001.

Mesa Verde Group Reservoirs. 2003.

Optimization of Infill Drilling in Naturally-Fractured Tight-Gas Sandstone Reservoirs. 2000.

Produced Water. 2002.

Technology Updates. 2000.

The Lewis Shale. 2001.

Wellbore Management. 2002.

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