Industry Service and Outreach Group
Section Head: Martha Cather

The ISOG's main mission is providing data and technology to our New Mexico oil and gas producers. On our family of websites we are dedicated to making public data available in intuitive and user-friendly formats. In addition, the ISOG works with the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council and other organizations to provide information about new or under-used technologies available to the independent oil and gas community.

ISOG's Websites

Gives access to New Mexico oil and gas production, price, and well activity data.

Gives access to information concerning oil and gas on New Mexico state lands. This data is provided with help from the New Mexico State Land Office.

Gives access to databases of produced and groundwater quality for New Mexico, along with information and tools useful in analyzing corrosion and scaling that can be associated with water production:

Here we are currently collecting and analyzing special core analysis and log data for a set of wells in the San Juan Basin and this site will provide access to that data once it is ready for publication: