Selected P & SC Group Papers

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Asphaltene Precipitation:
Solubility of the Least Soluble Asphaltenes
J.S. Buckley, J.X. Wang, and J.L. Creek, in Asphaltenes, Heavy Oils and Petroleomics,
O. Mullins, E. Sheu, A., Hammami, and A. Marshall, eds., Springer (2006). Flyer and order form
A Practical Method for Anticipating Asphaltene Problems
J.X. Wang, J.S. Buckley, N.E. Burke, and J.L. Creek, SPE Production and Facilities (Aug. 2004) 152-160.
Asphaltene Deposition on Metallic Surfaces
J.X. Wang, J.S. Buckley, and J.L. Creek, J. Dispersion Sci. Tech., (2004) 25, 287-298..
Asphaltene Stability in Crude Oil and Aromatic Solvents-The Influence of Oil Composition
J.X. Wang and J.S. Buckley, Energy & Fuels (2003) 17, 1445-1451.
A Two-Component Model of the Onset of Asphaltene Flocculation in Crude Oils
J.X. Wang and J.S. Buckley, Energy & Fuels (2001) 15, 1004-1012.
An Experimental Approach to Prediction of Asphaltene Flocculation
J.X. Wang and J.S. Buckley, SPE 64994, 2001 International Oilfield Chemistry Symposium, Houston, 13-16 Feb.
Predicting the Onset of Asphaltene Precipitation from Refractive Index Measurements
J.S. Buckley, Energy and Fuels (1999) 13, No. 2, 328-332.
Asphaltene Precipitation and Solvent Properties of Crude Oils
J.S. Buckley, G.J. Hirasaki, Y. Liu, S. Von Drasek, J.X. Wang, and B.S. Gill
Petroleum Science and Technology (1998) 16, No. 3&4, 251-285.
Wettability Alteration:
Effective Wettability of Minerals Exposed to Crude Oil
J.S. Buckley, Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Sci. (2001) 6, 191-196.
Wettability and Morphology of Mica Surfaces after Exposure to Crude Oil
J.S. Buckley and D.L. Lord, J. Pet. Sci. Eng. (2003) 39, 261-273.
Asphaltene Precipitation and Alteration of Wetting: The Potential for Wettability Changes during Oil Production
R. Al-Maamari and J.S. Buckley, SPE Reservoir Engineering & Evaluation (Aug. 2003) 210-214.
An AFM Study of Nanoscale Features Affecting at Crude Oil-Water-Mica Interfaces
D.L. Lord and J.S. Buckley, Colloids and Surfaces A (2002) 206, 531-546.
Contact Angle Hysteresis and the Stability of Wetting Changes Induced by Adsorption from Crude Oil
X. Xie, N.R. Morrow, and J.S. Buckley, J. Pet. Sci. Eng (2002) 33, 147-159.
Empirical Measures of Wettability in Porous Media and the Relationship between Them Derived From Pore-Scale Modelling
A.B. Dixit, J.S. Buckley, S.R. McDougall, and K.S. Sorbie,
Transport in Porous Media (2000) 40, 27-54.
Wetting Alteration of Solid Surfaces by Crude Oils and Their Asphaltenes
J. S. Buckley, Revue de l'Institut Français du Pétrole (1998) 53, No. 3, 303-312.
Mechanisms of Wetting Alteration by Crude Oils
J.S. Buckley, Y. Liu, and S. Monsterleet, SPEJ (Mar. 1998) 54-61.
Influence of Electrical Surface Charges on the Wetting Properties of Crude Oils
J.S. Buckley, K. Takamura, and N.R. Morrow, SPEFE (Aug. 1989) 332-340.
Crude Oil Evaluation:
Wetting Estimates from Crude Oil Chemical Properties
L. Yang, J.X. Wang, T. Fan, and J.S. Buckley, SCA 2003-01, Soc. Core Analysts International Symposium, Pau, 21-24 Sept. 2003.
Crude Oil and Asphaltene Characterization for Prediction of Wetting Alteration
J.S. Buckley and J.X. Wang, J. Pet. Sci. Eng. (2002) 33, 195-202.
Evaluating Crude Oils by SARA Analysis
T.G. Fan, J.X. Wang, and J.S. Buckley, paper SPE 75228 presented at the 2002 SPE/DOE IOR Symposium, Tulsa, 15-17 Apr.
Oil/Water Interfaces:
Chemistry of the Crude Oil/Brine Interface
J. S. Buckley, Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Reservoir Wettability and Its Effect on Oil Recovery, Laramie, WY, Sept. 21-23, 1994, pp 33-38.